DRS – The Savior at Lord’s


Though there is raging controversy over the use of DRS (Decision Review system) in cricket, sometimes the DRS becomes curious in some international matches.  One such curious DRS decision made a big impact on the outcome at the crucial point of the Test match in 2014 and it has become a talking point.

https://youtu.be/6wJClo5S91c (Lord’s Test video)


This Test match between England and Srilanka was played between 11th and 15th of June, 2014 at Lord’s ground  in the first test of the 2 test series.

England posted a mammoth total of 575 in the first innings thanks to a magnificent double century by Joe Root and Srilanka replied with 453 in the first innings as Sangakara and Captain Angle Mathews scored centuries and England scored 267 in the second essay and set a target of 390 runs in 90 overs on the 5th day for the Srilankans.  Srilankans started losing wickets regularly and were never in the race to win the Test.  In fact they were content in playing for a draw.


The crunch situation came in the 90th over, the last over of the match and England needed 2 wickets to win as Lankans were struggling at 201/8  at the start of the over.  

89.1  Stuart Broad was bowling with his heart out and he stuck in the very first ball claiming Herath, who edged it to wicket keeper.  So, England were just 1 wicket away from the win.  

89.2 And the last man N. Pradeep entered the field.  Broad bowled a bouncer which he ducked

89.3 Pradeep was beaten out side of the off stump

89.4 Played to gully

89.5  Pradeep played and the England players appealed for a LBW and the on-field umpire Paul Reifel raised his finger giving him OUT

And Pradeep immediately appealed for Review (DRS) as he believed there’s inside edge from the bat and the 3rd umpire using the Ultraedge technology found there’s an inside edge asked the onfield umpire to reverse the decision and declare him Not out.

89.6  This time though he edged, the ball fell short of the fielder and Pradeep survived and the Test ended in DRAW as Srilanka finished at 201/9 .

And Srilanka won the next test and won the series by 1-0 and it was the first time that Srilanka won a Test series in England.

So, the DRS made a great impact in the annals of Test cricket 

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