cricket in High, cold places


“It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a cricket lover desperate for a game will play anywhere- Jane Austen , Author of “Pride and Prejudice” and also familiar with Cricket.

Island of Igloolik, Canada.    Photo courtesy :


In 1823, Captain William Parry’s expedition had to winter near the Island of Igloolik at latitude 3 degrees north of the Arctic circle.  CaptainWilliam Parry encouraged the crews of HMS Fury to play cricket, football etc.  Igloolik island is situated between Canadian Mainland and Baffin Island.

At the other end of the world, In the year 1985 cricket was played athe field camp of United States ANTARTIC Field programme at 83.30 degrees south during the course of an international workshop.  A tennis ball was used as it was feared that the harder ball (cricket ball) would get lost in the snow.  Bad light was not an issue as the sky remained bright until midnight.

CRICKET AT MOUNT EVEREST  (cricket at Mount Everest video )

In 2009, a T20 game was played at 16,945 ft. up Mount Everest setting a new world altitude record for a cricket game and raising funds for a charity. The two teams, Tenzing and Hillary, named after the first two men to climb the Everest, played the game at 16,945 ft.

Team Tenzing were led by Haydn Main (29), a lawyer from South London but it was Team Hillary, skippered by a New Zealand Glen Lowis, that won by 36 runs.

Both sides took 15 players for the game, besides the medical staff and groundsmen, all of whom made the nine-day trek to reach the pitch.

Both sides celebrated their feat with a giant bottle of champagne and several cups of tea. They raised 250,000 pounds through the game for Lord’ Taverners and the Himalayan Trust UK.

On the sandbank at SOLENT

The Brambles sandbank in the Solent, midway between Southampton and the Isle of Wight (England) occasionally emerges above sea level but only for about an hour.  This very short period is just enough time for the Royal Southern Yacht Club from Southampton and the Island Sailing club from the Isle of Wight to rush in their boats to play as much cricket as they can before the bank is again submerged. (CRICKET AT SOLENT, ENGLAND) 


Photo courtesy : Meridian ITV.COM

Credit: PA

Annual Bramble Bank cricket match in middle of Solent


The teams gathered for a 6.30am start

Credit: PA

The annual Bramble Bank cricket match has taken place in the middle of the Solent.

The sandbank near Cowes, off the Isle of Wight becomes visible once a year at the lowest tide.

The event has been taking place since the 1950s, although on different dates depending on the tides. The sandbank is only visible for about an hour.

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